Sunday, August 30, 2009

So this weekend I went to Philadelphia to visit my brother. He is up there doing a rotation with a plastic surgeon. His land lord took us on a tour of all the tourist sites of Philladelphia. I started the trek in DC went through maryland delaware, and ended in Philly in 145 miles. It's crazy how close everything is around here! This is the famous Liberty bell

This is the room where the actual contstitutional convention took place. The chair in the background is the actual chair George Washington sat in to lead the convention.

This was the first court room

These are the chairs some of the founding fathers sat in while discussing the declaration of independance.
This is the oldest residential street in the united states

This is the oldest artifact in the US it is a baptisimal faunt from Christs church, which is where 15 of the signers of the declaration of independance went, including George Washington, and Ben franklin

This was George Washingtons chair, at this church you had to buy your seat for church.

Just a picture of the city

Across the river is New Jersy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bryan is a true hunter. I'm so glad I was not around when this little guy decided to step into his death. We heard the city promotes mice, and sure enough we have proof. Poor little guy

Monday, August 24, 2009

I was able to have a wonderful trip to Washington and to AZ and see all the family. It went by way to fast! This is bowling with my family, it's a tradition that we always go bowling with Grandma Turley! My niece Nyah

Tyler's wedding in the San Juan islands! Here all the girls.

Sisters= brunette
Sister in laws= blondes

Waiting for the Ferry

Lunch at Calico cuboard. I tried a snicker doodle at paradise bakery hoping for the one like I had here, not even close, in fact I threw half of it away. This place had the best snicker doodles ever!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I should have known when my 6 inch turkey sub at subway was $8.10 that the travels were not going to go smoothly home. My flight to Vegas was 40 minutes behind which made me worried that I would miss my flight to DC. I should not have been worried because it was 2 hours delayed in Vegas. Once we pulled into DC the weather was to bad to get taxied into the terminal so we sat right outside of it for 50 minutes. I finally got off the plane at 2:00 AM and got my bag, slipped in the airport 3 times, because they were Zamboming the floor, and finally arrived home at 3:45 am and went to bed around 4:30 just in time to wake up to go to my CPR class at 8:00. Glad I'm home!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is our friend Adam from Vegas visiting us. He's doing a surgery externship with Bryans program. This is Bryans daily attire!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Here are some pictures of our routine walking places. This is at Trinity University which is right across the street. These are the steps leading to our favorite spot. This is our favorite spot. It's so peaceful, and pretty. It's kind of dark but you get the idea.

Nothing more than an old door
Behind me is Catholic University which is really neat as well. It;s just a walk a way too, but we think we like Trinity better.

Here is the campus.
I got called to be first counciler in the YW presidency! I seem to always end up in YW. I've been behive and laurel advisor, and now I get to work with mia maids. Work is fun too. I love getting to see what Bryan will be doing everyday. I think he's going to like it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here are our first visitors. This is Ryan Bernal and Jenna Berg. Me and Jenna did cheer together, and me and Ryan are highschool buds. We went to George town, and spent the day there. It's always fun to have visitors. Our friend Adam Olsen is coming next week which we are excited about. Horrible picture of me I know!

I love all the roof tops here arn't they cute!

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