Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mom comes to town, earthquakes and baseball games

My mom got to come in town last week, which was so fun.  She was in town for about 5 days, and we made those days count.  We went to Old town Alexandria to get some delicious salt water taffy and lunch, we went shopping, we went downtown, we went to Annapolis to go swimming, we played cards, and made dinners and exercised. We went on a fun nature walk type hike also in Virginia.  It was so fun  to have her around for the week!        
 Here they are in Old town
Madison helping Bryan play cards (it worked well, he won!)

We also got to take Madi to her first baseball game.  It was the Nationals vs. the Diamondbacks.  She loved it, we loved it, it was a nice night. 

 After the game Madi crashed!
And lastly, we felt our first EARTHQUAKE yesterday.  It was kind of wild.  For me it sounded like someone was moving a HUGE piece of furniture and I was thinking what is that? Then the whole house started to shake. Then I think I started to shake! It ended up being minor, but it was a weird feeling at the time not knowing how bad it could be, and having no control over it.  Bryan was having a consent signed by a patient during it.  There was a little damage around the area, this is one house we saw.  The temple spears fell off because of it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This last weekend Brad and Shanna were able to come and visit us, which was a BLAST! We were able to try a bunch of great food, see a lot of great sites, and spend some great time together.

 I think the couple to the left has a great shoot right there
We went to the newsuem, which was a great museum.  Here is Shanna showing off her reporting skills.
 Brad and Maddles bonding

Friday, August 5, 2011

DC summer nights

Sometimes there are nights in DC where it is so HOT that you are drinched in sweat within 30 seconds.  Then there are other nights when everything is just kind of perfect. That was tonight. Tonight we took a nice stroll downtown, listened to jazz in the park, did some people watching and relaxed on the lawn.  Madison took grass picking very seriously. She was pulling it up with both hands as fast as she could (and putting it in her mouth) and you could not get her to look up. It made us laugh!

 Our DC native!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Madison at the Park

Madison likes to go to the park and so we try to take her there.  This park is over by the temple, and is really pretty. 

Just Chillin
                       The wood chips went straight to the mouth (along with EVERYTHING else!) That's what happens when you are growing teeth, her second one just popped up.

 This is her after, I love how proud she gets when she stands herself up.

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