Thursday, April 30, 2015

Madison had her first big choir concert with EVMCO. I was amazed at how good this choir was, and Madison was adorable!

Here are the girls hanging at the museum

Madison on her way to swim lessons
She also finished her last day of her first year of pre-school. She had so much fun with Ms. Juliette

Monday, April 6, 2015

Last week we got to squeeze in one more trip before baby number 3 comes to Washington. It was such a beautiful place, and we couldn't have asked for a better trip. From constant family and cousins, to amazing food from Keith and Lynsi, great weather, happy kids. It was perfect!

Here is Bryan and Madison in Seattle on our way to get some doughnuts.
Trampoline fun with cousins. That's Hannah swinging in there, which surprisingly made her end up in tears. When i asked her after if she thought it was fun she shook her head no, and said uh uh.
Madison and Drew loved having each other to play with

Washington state park
If you look behind Madison there is a seal in the water that had one pretty crazy eye.
Kinley bent down and asked Hannah to hop on for a piggy back ride. Instead Hannah squatted down next to her and held her hand.
Fun hike at deception pass
The top of our hike destination was gorgeous

Hannah being  so cute

Easter 2015 was a success as well. The Easter bunny came, had an Easter egg hunts, and had way to much candy. Hannah made a statement in our house by getting chocolate EVERYWHERE. Next year, no chocolate! To top it off it was General Conference which is always one of my favorite weekends.
Grammy White had everyone over for an Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner as well.
Love these cousins!

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