Sunday, July 22, 2012

As most parents do, I can;t help but wonder where the time is going with little Madi. She has is growing into a little girl, and is so much fun! Her contagious smile, high energy, kisses, and her sweet little voice melt my heart every day. She is able to communicate a lot now, she tries to sing, she plays hide and go seek, she tries to be funny (and succeeds!) and laughs all the time. She's just our little sweetheart!
 Here is Madi and Daddy dancing the night away!
I also had to share Madi's first real attempt to pull a fast one on me. I had given her a plate with crackers on it for a little snack, and she took them off the plate, put them in her hand, and then handed me the empty plate and said  "mo cackee" (more crackers) I said well Madi, whats in your hand while pointing to the hand with the crackers in it. She took the crackers, switched them to the other hand and showed me that her hand was empty, so I said pointing to the other hand,  whats in that hand? She switched the  crackers back to the other hand and showed me her hand was empty, then grabbed the plate and said again "mo cackee" I couldn't believe my eyes! If she is doing this at 18 months, who knows what we have in store for us!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Madi goes to nursery

Our little girl started nursery today. She finally made it. The fact that after church she ran up and gave the nursery leader a big bear hug around the knees means she must have had a good time.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lately it has been a little crazy around here. First lets start with all the storms. Last weekend was the first one. On Friday night we had a thunder storm that put us out of power from Friday night to Saturday evening, and with no a/c until Monday. When this storm had just started, no rain or anything yet, Bryan was going to our apartment gym and said that he had heard a crack. He just ran, and then when he looked behind him a tree had fallen in his path. A security guard was there, and said, man you are one lucky guy. I am so grateful he didn't get hit, because the next storm I am going to talk about 5 people died and most because of falling trees. Then came next Friday with another storm. This storm was huge. It had the force of a level one hurricane but just a different weather pattern. It took this area out! Well over a million people without power, 5 deaths, and damage everywhere. Cars, houses, power lines, and much more crushed by trees. Our house was out of power from Friday night until tues. night. To make it more exciting, we were having a heat wave and temperatures were in the 100's with high humidity. Sunday madi woke up sick but seemed to get better that evening, then monday she woke up again with a high fever, shaking, diarrhea. the works. I had to give her a bath, and all there was was cold water so of course she was screaming and crying. It was no fun. Bryan was on call Monday-Tuesday, and thankfully me and Madi were able to stay at a friends house Monday night. Madi woke up feeling healthy the next day which I was so grateful for. I was amazed at all the support and help people were offering us. I probably got offered 5 different houses to stay at. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great people. Tuesday evening the power finally came on. Electricity is amazing, and I am so grateful for it!!!

One of the trees in the complex.
On a fun note, my parents were in town. Not one picture was taken, but they got to experience the fun storms. My poor mom only had about 3 full days of A/C. She is a good sport! It was  so fun to have them here. We went to dinner, did a lot of fun outings, went kayaking, and played games.

For the 4th Bryan had to work. The good news was that it was a short day. The bad news is that a short day was 9 hours. He got home tired so we just went out to eat and took Madi to a splash pad for a  few hours. It was fun to be together as a family for a few hours in country we love!

Friends and Family