Monday, February 8, 2010

I saw these pictures on-line...It's a good idea of what I was talking about with the grocery stores being crazy!Things were practically bare(  I didn't take these pics I don't know this man)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This past week we learned something...there is a reason we Mormons have been asked to do food storage. So in DC we just had the biggest snow storm this century, and in prepaation for it, they talked a lot about it coming last week. On thursday I decided to go grocery shopping before the storm. Well all of DC thought the same.  I went to the 1st grocery store and there were no carts, it was so jammed packed,the lines were out of control. I left immediatly and went to another store around the corner. I was able to find a cart so I started my shopping only to find the shelves were practically empty. The produce department was bare,the meats were almost gone, it was crazy to see. The lines were out of control, and it was packed. I left there too, I coudn't handle it. I found out the next day that some people got in a fight over Produce, yes produce. It made me realize that in a serious disaster people get restless and mean. Which is why if something serious did happen I would like to know I didn't need to go fight the crowds. We are officially starting our food storage now! The storm came and went, over 200,000 people lost power..we didn't, it snowed between 20-30 depending on where you lived.  They had organized snow ball fights in dupont circle! For the second week in a row church has been cancelled too.
We ventured out for a little walk around the neighborhood after he snow stopped to see the damage, it was really beautiful!  
Only around 40 days till Spring!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

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