Sunday, February 26, 2012

Here are a few updates on the Madster. First, here she is enjoying a nice warm winter day (notice the short sleeves!) with some friends. Look at that curly hair of hers, it just flips and curls all over the place!

 She is a full time walker now, has been for about a month.
 Here she is saying "GO" When she does her lips go into a perfect circle like this. Se has great form.
 I went to get a plate off the table and came back to this. She is upping her game with the whole dishwasher. She is attempting to actually get inside the basket.
Life has been busy and good here in the nations capital. My nanny job is awesome, and Bryan's work is going good too . Life really is good. I am reminded every time I see My little Madi smile, or get a big hug from Bryan. I love when I get to see Bryan and Madi play together, and to hear Madi cracking up! The simple things in life are the best things !

Friday, February 10, 2012

Remember how I said Madi likes to put her food in her hair? Here is a good example, she actually has grapefruit juice dripping down her face, her hair is just wild, and she couldn't be happier about it.
 She also makes it hard to say no to giving her ice cream when this is the reaction we get in return.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This winter had been amazing. Last week there was a day that was in the low 70's.  You heard me right, that happened in January. Me and some friends decided to go feed ducks, and have a picnic outside. While there, we saw this guy walking all these dogs. I counted 12, but I could be off. It was wild, and they were all so well behaved.
 Madi enjoying the sunny day
 She kept picking up leaves and trying to throw them. I thought it was adorable.

Here is her throw

A pretty shot of Madi by the water!

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