Sunday, June 9, 2013

As each day goes by here, we are realizing just how little time we have left of DC. In less than 3 weeks we will be on a plane out of here, ready to start our new lives. DC has given us so many life experiences, and has changed us in so many ways. It has all been possible with the hand of God. 

Here is Hannah and her friend Windsor. Me and  a good friend decided to take our kids to the temple visitor center followed by a play date at the park.

Bryan also had a birthday. We got not one, but TWO date nights. We went to a restaurant called Nooshi, that we both wish we could go to more, followed by a walk to the white house. The next night we got to go to the temple together which hasn't happened in ages with everything always being crazy.

Hannah is such a sweet baby. She loves to cuddle and get kisses. We love to give them so it works out well.

Here are the girls getting ready for some splash pad fun with friends

 Madi and her friend William at the splash pad
 Hannah getting some well deserved attention from the boys.

 The whole fam on the carousel. I don't think Hannah smiled once, but at least she wasn't left out.
 This is the mother of all slides. Madison didn't think twice to go down it.

 This is what happens when you stay home from church with pink eye.

Friends and Family