Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family vacation to California! We love renting bikes on the beach!
Playing Bocce with the fam,

Going to El Torrito Grill,

Spending time at the beach

And just having a BLAST!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well this marks the last time we will be in Las Vegas for a long time. Bryan finally graduated and we had to say good bye to a place we came to love. We met some of the greatest people and lived in the best ward, lived in not the best neigborhood, but loved it all the same. We have been in drive by shootings, we see people getting arrested by our place all the time, we have come out of our complex to find a man up at gun point, which made us have to detour our way to get out of the complex, you can't run by yourself at any part of the day, but for some reason I would not have wanted to live anywhere else! Bryan had a great experience at school, and I loved my job. We were close to an aweome temple, and always had fun things to do! We feel so blessed to have lived there!Congrats on graduating Bryan, and thanks to all that came to support us, it ment the world to us!
And we are off to DC for four more years of adventure, which we are so excited about, but we are more excited about the 6 weeks we have to spend with family before we go, because we both have the best family in the world!

My Grandparents took us out bowling and Bryan got his highest score ever, a 211! Way to go Bryan! Good thing my score is cut off, you don't even want to know how I did!

Before we left Vegas we went on a cruise with some friends to Mexico, which was a blast!

And yes our fun day at sea was cold and rainy, but there were hot tubs which made it ok.

Friends and Family