Friday, November 1, 2013

This last week we did a very last minute trip to San Francisco and Monterrey to see the Keslers.  It was such a great trip. One of our favorite trips yet.  Our girls did amazing, and the place was so beautiful.  Our only regret was that we didn't stay longer! We started our trip in San Fran.  We only had time for one thing so we chose Fisherman's Wharf where we could see the seals, the golden gate bridge and Alcatraz island all from one spot. 

 We then took our journey over to Monterrey.  We got to spend some good time with the Keslers in an amazing place.  Madison Loved Brad and Shanna.  How could you not!
 Lover's Point

Nothing held Madison back from plating in the water.  This was COOOOLD water!

 We got to see Big Sur, which was gorgeous. 
 The siblings
 We had a picnic on Pfeiffer Beach.  These girls love the sand!

 From our hotel you could see a ton of dolphins just playing in the water.  It was amazing.
We also went kayaking at Moss landing where you are with so much sea life.  Sea otters, sea lions, seals and a whole lot of birds.  We went to the aquarium, and Carmel as well.  Such a great trip! So glad we were able to squeeze it in!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Today we headed to a pumpkin patch thinking it would be a fun festive thing to do.  When we were there and realized the base getting in price before anything was 40 bucks we decided to just get pumpkins and carve them at home.  
In case you were wondering, someone did get hurt with the knife.

 Madison also finally transitioned into a big girl bed. Tonight is her first night.
 I took the girls to the children museum here, Madison liked the vet clinic.  I think penguin is going to be OK now that Madison was able to check him over
 Madison working on her art work
 Hannah being adorable

Hannah says it wasn't her

 My Grandparents came and visited our new home in Tucson.  Its always fun to have them here!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Well, it's been awhile since I have updated and a lot has happened.  Most importantly we moved from DC to AZ, and it has been wonderful!  It has been so fun to be by family, and to actually have Bryan around.  In the last 3 months we have been all over the place.  We went to Cali twice, Utah, the cabin, we lived in an apartment and then moved to a house, we have been back and forth from Tucson to Gilbert.  Its been all over the place, but good none the less.  Its been nice to not have a routine for a little while. 

Hannah and Madison have been such troopers through all of this transition.  Madison is in the process of potty training.  Hannah is almost 9 months old, and is crawling all over the place.  She has 4 teeth cutting and is taking it like a champ.  She adores Madison.  No one can make Hannah laugh like her.  Tucson has been good. We are still putting in roots, but I think we will really like it while we are here.

Madison and Hannah at the ranch

Organ Stop Pizza with my sister and cousins.  It is so wonderful to be with family again!

Hannah's blessing day


Madison at my Grandparents house in Utah
Girls night. 

Our empty apartment in DC. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

As each day goes by here, we are realizing just how little time we have left of DC. In less than 3 weeks we will be on a plane out of here, ready to start our new lives. DC has given us so many life experiences, and has changed us in so many ways. It has all been possible with the hand of God. 

Here is Hannah and her friend Windsor. Me and  a good friend decided to take our kids to the temple visitor center followed by a play date at the park.

Bryan also had a birthday. We got not one, but TWO date nights. We went to a restaurant called Nooshi, that we both wish we could go to more, followed by a walk to the white house. The next night we got to go to the temple together which hasn't happened in ages with everything always being crazy.

Hannah is such a sweet baby. She loves to cuddle and get kisses. We love to give them so it works out well.

Here are the girls getting ready for some splash pad fun with friends

 Madi and her friend William at the splash pad
 Hannah getting some well deserved attention from the boys.

 The whole fam on the carousel. I don't think Hannah smiled once, but at least she wasn't left out.
 This is the mother of all slides. Madison didn't think twice to go down it.

 This is what happens when you stay home from church with pink eye.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hannah has officially turned 4 months old. She weights 15.9 pounds and is 25 inches long. She is smiling, laughing at times, starting to grab at things and hold things. The thing that makes her laugh the most is Madison. She loves to interact with her. She had her first swing experience today which was so cute to see. She was all giggly in the swing! She has been such a wonderful addition to our family.
Also, Bryan was able to go to Arizona to find us a place to live and meet with his new job. We are getting really excited to start the next chapter in our lives. We didn't think we would be living in Tucson but we are excited to learn about and explore a new city. We are also excited to be close to family.

Hannah and Madison downtown. This is another weekend thing we love to do. We grab a quick bite to eat and then come to the lawn to run around.

This is a cute park called Westminster park.

During the summer we like to go to downtown silver spring for their Friday night concert, splash pad and dining. You really can't go wrong with that combo

On memorial day we checked out this fun park, and a cute colonial farm from 1771. It was beautiful. I love Madison's sweet smile in this picture. She is just consumed in the moment, not a care or a worry just happiness. I love that about children.

Here we are at the farm.

While Bryan was in Arizona I decided to take the girls to the Memorial day concert at the Capitol building. It started at their bed time, but it went well and it was fun.

Hannah at the "big big concert" That is what we were calling it all night. She is also starting to sit up on her own a little bit

Madison and her friend Oliver at another farm we went to this weekend. 

Friends and Family