Sunday, September 5, 2010

I feel like we have been so slacking with our blogging so today will be a blog overload. About a month ago we had a wonderful visit from Lacy and Peter. We loved being able to spend time with them in DC!On another occasion we had a residency party at one of the attendings home. He has a home that he renovated from the 1700's and has a whole lot of land that we got to explore and have fun on.
This picture sucks, but there was a zip line!
We rode golf carts around all the trails,  and made a stop at the vinyard to eat some grapes.We got a back of the truck tour of all the fun things his house had to offer.
We also got to Kings Dominion, with one of Bryans co-residents. It's like a 6 Flags meets sunsplash sorta thing. It was so fun, and the weather was amazing. The roller coasters were fun so I hear, but as Bryan says "You dont want to scramble the egg", so I stayed off most of the rides.
This was the waterpark in the park. 
Last weekend I got to go to Michigan and visit Van and Mandy in there new city. It was so fun to see them, and spend time with them. They took me to a store that only has Christmas stuff all year round, and they have anything and everything you could possibly dream of that is Christmas. Then they took me to this German town, where we got some yummy fudge, and ate some good german food. I also got to see there town, and it was really cute.

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