Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Newport-Fall Break 2015

This year for fall break we got a beach house with a couple other families. It was such a great trip. We never had to drive anywhere, we were never in a rush, just got to hang out and enjoy the beach!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Life here has been fun and busy: August 2015

Brooke at 4 months
Hannah's first day of Play school August-2015

Madison's first day of Pre-k
Here's a photo dump of our lives the last little while.

Feeding the ducks at the riparian preserve
Block building and checking books out at the library
Open gymnastics with cousins
Vertuccio Farms barrel ride
Painting in the front yard with our neighbors
Hannahs monday cousin play group
Madison's Monday play group with her buds
The girls and cousins at open gym

Madison with her friends at Wild Kratts Live!
Giving Poppa b-day surprises
Sweet Brook at 5 months
Madison and her friend Olive at a soccer game
Madisons soccer team
Hannah and her friend Hazel after play school
Madison and her friends at our house
The girls with their friends Olive and River hanging in the hot tub
Hannah and Grandpa during FHE
The children's museum with Autumn

Friends and Family