Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Sweet Hannah turned one today. She is such a special girl. She is such an easy going person except when it comes to food. Then things get serious. The second she sees me start to make something for her she literally hyperventilates and can hardly stand the anticipation. It can be pretty intense at times, and pretty funny. She loves to play with Madison, and no one can get her to laugh like Madison can. She likes to dump things out, make messes, get messy, all the usual things to make sure mom has enough to do each day! She is so fun to have around. She usually gives us a good laugh session right before bed, and she has the cutest belly laugh that always get the rest of us to laugh.  She has been such a joy in our lives.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Madison turned the big 3 on January 6th! She got completely spoiled and was able to have such a fun day! Madison and her cousin Nyah have the same birthday so we had a combined party for them at bounce U. She loved it!

 My grandparents took Madison out on a special birthday date as well. They took her to  peter piper pizza and then went to the store so she could pick out a present. I love how they try to get to know each of their grandchildren individually.

I can't believe she is not my little baby anymore! Madison has been such a great blessing in our lives. She is such a sweet girl with her own agenda. She loves to play with her cousins more than anyone. She loves to help me in the kitchen when I'm cooking. She asks if she can be my good little helper, and then will go and get a "helping chair."  She loves to try and make Hannah laugh, and does a good job at it. She loves to get messy, play in the dirt, run around, swing on the swing and play outside. She also loves to watch her shows. Most of the time when I ask her what her favorite part
of the day was she says. when I got to watch a show, no matter how fun of a thing we did that day. She is learning to dress herself and take care of herself, so I hear "I want to do it myself" a lot these days! Children really are such a gift from God, and I am so grateful I get to be a mom to this sweet little girl!
Wasn't she a cute baby!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


The holidays this year were pretty eventful. Santa came to our house a few weeks early this year so we could have a day with just our family to be together. We opened presents, saw frozen, went to lunch and enjoyed having a special day together. Santa brought the girls each a bike and some books. What a good guy.
There they go on their new bikes!
We got to go to the annual friends Christmas party
Madison and her cousins all got to go around and Christmas Carol to my grandparents friends. We shoved a lot of kids in the trunk for this!

Here they are in their matching Christmas eve shirts, getting ready to open their presents
Christmas day was spent at the Whites. It was full of amazing food, good company and holiday cheer!


The whole fam all lined  up

Friends and Family