Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here is a week round up. With our time coming to a close here, I am trying to capture all of our fun times, so we never forget!
Lately, we have been going on evening walks. The weather has been really nice, and there are no mosquito's out, so its a win win.

When we go on walks, I take my baby, and Madison takes her baby (anything in the stroller is considered a baby...even buckets)

This weekend we took the girls to Wheaton regional park. They have a train ride, a carousel, and fun playgrounds to play on.

Here we are at the temple.

Here is Madison making a funny face

Here we are at open gym. Hannah is starting to really become aware and alert, and likes to be apart of the action!
This is the American Indian Museum. Here she is listening to what a red-winged hawk sounds like

Riding a skateboard at the American Indian Museum

Monday was a beautiful and rainy day outside.

Madison checking out the kayak at the American Indian Museum

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life here has been pretty good. Hannah turned 3 months yesterday. She is such a cutie. She is smiling and cooing like no ones business. She also laughed a few times, which was so cute. She turned over for the first time on Sunday, and she is becoming more aware and alert everyday. We can't get enough of that cute girl. Madison is so fun too. She likes to try and be funny, and then will ask "was that funny mom?"  Me and the girls keep busy going around the city and finding all sorts of fun things to do each day. The weather has been really nice, so getting outside is a priority. Bryan's residency is rapidly coming to an end, only 2  months left!

Madison decided these were the shoes that she needed to wear to the zoo, and several people asked me (well 2 different people) if they came like this. Let me assure you they did not, but alligator boots and flowers do seem to go well together

Here is Madison and her friend Brooks at the aviation museum. They have a lot of hands on things for the kids, like this airplane here they can hop in and "fly."

Bryan had work a few Saturdays ago, so I braved the crowds and took the girls to the Cherry Blossom parade. I am so glad I did, Madison had a great time.Nothing like high school marching bands, dancers, floats, big balloons, and all sorts of random things to make for an exciting morning.

We are always giving those cheeks kisses

Here we are on a  spur of the moment family adventure downtown on a Wednesday to see the cherry blossoms. Once there gone there gone, so we couldn't miss it! 

Here is Madison at the sculpture garden. I posted this elsewhere, but for journaling purposes here it is again. Madison fell in and got 100% submerged in this fountain here, then went running with her friends right after, and tripped in a big pile of dirt. Both times she needed comfort from mom, so I got some of the water and mud love. She was a mess, her skirt was so wet and muddy it was sagging off her, so I just let her run around in her shirt and diaper. Not my classiest moment. (not that I have too many classy moments)
The one below is sideways, but one thing I love about the zoo here (besides being free) is the sea lion exhibit. They have a daily feeding demonstration, and it reminds me of being at Sea World. It's like a mini vacation in the middle of my day.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cherry Blossoms!

Me and the girls decided to venture out to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom with some friends. They really are amazing. You have to hit them just right to really get the experience, and we were lucky enough to have done that.

Madison and her friend William

 They love eachother!
 Here they are running up the steps of the Jefferson Memorial
 3 kids-one stroller.
 Sweet Hannah (who by the way slept through the night for the first time-go Hannah!)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The weather was sunny and warm on Monday so we decided to go to a cute little farm called Oxon hill farm. They have pigs, geese, horses, cows, chickens, bunnies, and an aggressive rooster. I love just getting the girls outside and running around.

On Sunday me and Bryan took the girls on a walk, and they both fell asleep. It was our first successful walk with 2. Each time we decide to go usually someone is unhappy to be there at all points of the walk, and then we just go home!

On Saturday me and Madison had a special mommy daughter date. It's amazing how easy it feels to just have one coming along. We went downtown and rode the carousel, got ice cream, played catch, and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Also on Saturday we went to the annual Eggstravaganza our friends throw. If you take 2 hard boiled eggs and hit them against each other one will crack and one won't. They do a competition where everyone colors and names an egg, madi's was Dora the Eggsplorer. and then there is a competition to see who's egg can win. Its a lot of fun. Here are some babies having a "tummy time party" at the eggstravaganza.
This is  video I made of madi singing before Hannah was born, but I just wanted it on here for me, because I think its cute!

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