Monday, May 9, 2011

Here is Madison enjoying the day with some of her friends.
 Here is  "Mad dog" and "the Hurricaine" ready to get into some trouble.  Isn't she plumping out! She is our little  butter ball- well thats what Bryan likes to call her.
 Every year all the embassys from around the world open up, so we went with some friends to get a look inside. Here we are the at the Czech Republic embassy.
 Another Nursing class down, and one more tiny little 7 week course left and I am DONE!!! All of my class mates are graduated now, it will be weird to be there with out them. I made friends with some really great people.
 Here is Bryan doing what we do
 Here is Mikey and Sophie Bryans co-residents. They successfully put Madi to sleep!

Friends and Family