Sunday, May 16, 2010

This weekend Bryan's Co-resident got married. Their wedding was on the water front of the Chesapeake bay, and it was really beautiful. The weather was perfect as well. Here are some pictures of the wedding and Bryans fellow residents, and attendings he gets to spend all his time with.These are the first year residents. It's Sophie, Stephanie (Kens wife) and Ken. And of course Bryan that make the slave laboring first years.
These are some of the second year   residents.
Here are most of the residents, minus a few, with their wives/husbands.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, we havn't posted anything much lately because basically our lives have manly been work work, and more  work.  With that said we have tried to throw in a little date night here and there. We re-signed our year long lease which seems crazy that we have been here for almost a year! It has been a great place to live. Bryan has been able to start doing more complicated surgeries, and he is loving it. I have my first year of nursing school under my belt which has been busy and good. Overall we are loving the DC life.

This is a fun little walk across a bridge, the veiw is the washington monument, and city on both sides but you can't really tell.
These are down in Georgetown
We have also tried to go to the national mall area because as you can see it's beautiful. We brought a football down and played some catch with some friends, and took  snooze on the grass.
Now we are looking forward to AZ!

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